9 Super Foods that Boost Oral Health

2011 Spring summer GirlThe Dentists at The Smile Company have recently researched an article that was published in www.worldental.org Dental Health Magazine, that showed that if patients know what foods to consume most, they will have improved oral health, while if they continue to eat all the wrong foods, their oral health will continue to deteriorate.

Here are some of the most important foods that help to keep both gums and teeth healthy.


Helps reduce the bacterial film in the mouth, and this wonder culinary herb also acts as a natural antibiotic.


Eating broccoli provides an anti-acid film on the surface of the teeth. It is therefore helpful in preventing dental erosion. People with acid reflux are at great risk of the complications of dental erosion, and eating broccoli may provide better erosion prevention.


An important Dairy product, cheese helps to neutralise the bacterial acids in the mouth, and thus reduce tooth decay.  Eating a few bites of cheese after a meal can play a great role in preventing dental decay (caries) and the formation of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Leave brushing your teeth for 20 minutes but don’t forget.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps maintain the good health of the soft tissues in your mouth.


Besides the fact that lemon is packed with precious Vitamin C, which is important for oral and overall health, and the lemon acts as a natural tooth whitener.


People with dry mouth syndrome should eat more pineapple, as it helps to boost the amount of saliva in the mouth.  This precious fruit contains a special ingredient called Bromelain, which helps greatly with tissue healing in the mouth.

Sea and Rock Salt

Sea and Rock Salts from the Celtic and Himalayan areas, have the right minerals and trace elements in them that fuse into the tooth to increase strength and resistance to attacking bacteria.

Sesame Seeds

These act as a natural scrubbing agent that reduces the plaque formation.  They are also very rich in Calcium which is so important in the formation and development for strong healthy teeth.


Studies have shown that Xylitol as a substitute for sugar, and found in sugar free mints, gum and pastilles helps prevent tooth decay.

Don’t forget that regular tooth brushing, flossing and using good mouthwashes with added Fluoride are all still essential as part of the overall healthy mouth campaign.