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Your smile is the first thing people notice. At The Smile Company, we create great smiles everyday. We know the wonders this does for your self-esteem and happiness.

We understand you naturally want to keep your own teeth. You want to have healthy gums and keep your teeth in excellent condition so they look great! The team at The Smile Company are committed to supporting your dental care with good looking, strong teeth and healthy gums, so you really can have a wonderful smile.

The Smile Company offers a comprehensive, modern, and high-tech dental service, which includes basic preventive care and dental maintenance as well as advanced cosmetic dentistry. We combine skill and expertise, with a gentle, caring touch.

“The practice emphasises quality performance and service, and excellent long term results.”

Dr David Blair

Education is one of the best prevention care methods. Making sure you are informed is providing appropriate cleaning techniques to dietary suggestions for healthy teeth and gums is all part of our service to you.

Unplanned dental emergencies can be costly, stressful and inconvenient. Establishing an effective personalised long term dental programme with The Smile Company is a cost effective way to manage your dental health. The durable nature of our treatments helps eliminate common dental emergencies.

At the Smile Company we have a tremendous enthusiasm for our work and are proud of the up-to-the-minute technology we bring you. We use proven techniques with a scientific approach in oral reconstruction to provide permanent pleasing results.

Dr David Blair and Dr Tom lead the Smile Company Team with expertise and friendliness. The Smile Company offers you a stress-free environment with a commitment to genuinely effective and gentle dentistry.

“The Smile Company is a place where you do nice things for people and give them back their confidence to smile. The patients know the good things that can be done for them here, because they send their friends along.”

Dr David Blair

Did you know that people tend to lose more teeth through gum disease than any other cause?

It is sad to have to remove structurally sound teeth from untreatable bad gums when this could have been prevented through a good dental hygiene plan. The Smile Company takes care of gum health through the expertise of a team of committed and caring qualifies hygienists.

David Blair has built up the practice largely on patient referrals, quality care and service and being in the same area for over 25 years. Now partnered with Tom the practice is the result of a successful formula.

Our entire team is committed to your individual care. Our chair-side assistants and receptionists are indeed directors of wonderful service and are completely committed to helping to make your visit pleasant, efficient and happy!

Our patients come from all walks of life and some travel great distances, even from overseas. They are people who have confidence in our skill and love what The Smile Company has done for them.

We invite you to book your first appointment with us now.

You will love what we can do for your smile!

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