Cheap dentistry – is it really dentistry?

The options are easy for cheap! Cheap dentistry is often offered because it is easy. It is often offered as a patch-up for an already over compromised situation, such as a severely broken tooth, and another part of the tooth has broken again! It often happens when a patient only attends for an emergency situation when a tooth breaks or the patient is in severe pain. The options are easy for the patient and the dentist for Cheap! It can be an extraction, or maybe some dental bog that will keep the tooth going or the patient out of pain until the next time it breaks and the patient comes back for another easy treatment, the same again, but all the time loosing more and more teeth.

Cheap often happens because there is no plan, and either the dentist or the patient haven’t bothered to put together a sensibly budgeted approach to maintenance and tooth retention. There are only so many times a tooth can be bogged up cheaply.

Cheap will invariably leave you in a worse position in the final outcome. The best dentists will provide a plan for the future and be proactive about avoiding the emergencies by good diagnosis and so avoiding the “ambulance at the bottom of the hill” approach.

You only are the person who can be responsible for all this for yourself by making the decision to seek out good quality preventive dentistry, with a plan and a budget to suit you, which will help you keep your teeth for a life-time. If you start this early in life then when nothing goes wrong, this is certainly the best value and the cheapest way to keep your teeth.