Complications following oral piercing.

A study among 201
young adults in  France
looked at complications to the oral environment following piercing.  The
majority reported problems immediately after piercing, including difficulty speaking, eating, swallowing and drinking. Over 5% had self-pierced, and these and many others had received little or no home-care instructions. The results strongly support Teflon rather than metal jewelry, as reports of tooth fracture and gingival recession were lower in this group.
Comment: Most of the subjects were women and likely to have received their piercing when starting
at university. Almost a quarter had suffered some form of complication, and the study did not include people whose piercing was removed due to a medical complication. This paper provides a useful review of a subject that may provide life threatening problems for the recipient. It seems scary stuff;
tongue piercing involves a 14-gauge needle, seven times the diameter of the needles we usually use
in dentistry.

Our comment:  Watch for any body ornaments or jewellery with the metal Nickel, as that is very likely to cause allergies.

Tell us if you have had problems with Jewellery or piercings?