Dental restoration – before & after

A full dental restoration!

This lady had the most effervescent personality but her teeth were letting her down and she had lost her confidence. Following a full gum and dental restoration she regained her self esteem and now has a wonderful engaging smile!

Before the dental restoration

Before the dental restoration

After the dental restoration

Beautiful new smile with regained self confidence

$10,000 Dental Makeover

Our $10,000 cosmetic dental makeover prize.

In 2007 we ran a draw for this. Anyone who undertook in-office whitening at our Smile Spa over a period of 3 months prior to Smile Spa‘s first birthday, was eligible to enter.

Our winner Paulette Mannuchi, was already a client at The Smile Company and had for some time expressed her want for cosmetic attention to her front teeth.

2 weeks later following the preparation work to her teeth, she was rewarded with a gorgeous natural smile, which in her own words was far better than she could have imagined. “I was really pleased with the natural and beautiful teeth David provided for me.”

Reshaping a smile!

This young lady was very self conscious about her “gappy” smile before the dental restoration. Here’s what we achieved by simply using composite filling material to reshape her teeth.

Replacing amalgam

By replacing this amalgam filling we not only improved the looks, but enhanced the integrity and doubled the strength of this tooth. Dental restoration is a healthy, beautiful and durable improvement!

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