Dental Technology

The Smile Company boasts modern dental technology to enhance the dental care you receive.

Here is a glimpse of how we use dental technology everyday in the practice.

The intra-oral video camera

At last you can really understand and see how your dentist is trying to improve your oral fitness. A picture tells a thousand words! This greatly enhances your ability to become a more closely involved partner in your own care! Colour printouts are generated and used to better explain the state of your smile and any suggested recommendations for treatments.


The latest dental software helps to provide a more efficient and well organised care programme. We use the award winning New Zealand Software of Excellence EXACT programme.

This programme keeps track of your records, appointments and long term treatment planning. We do not know how we ever did without it. With this information all in one place and easy to access, members are more likely to achieve the optimum reassessment targets with the help of our staff.


The dental chair you lie back in is designed to be very comfortable for long periods. The dentists’ units incorporate sophisticated electric and air driven turning gear to provide low vibration and fast results.

All our equipment is very modern and especially appropriate to the type of dentistry we provide. It all needs to be well designed to allow easy cleaning. Modern medical autoclaving is our method for instrument sterilisation.

Digital clinical photography allows imaging which can clearly show you how your smile might look before you ever embark on treatment.

Osseocare units help provide the ultimate care of bone during implant procedures.


While dentures and bridges still have a place in dentistry, there is nothing that is quite as exciting as the replacement of missing teeth, either singularly or in numbers, by the placement of titanium fixtures which bond to the bone. The teeth that are reconstructed on these fixtures can provide extremely good-looking, long-lasting and functional replacements. Dental implants are now a proven and effective way to replace single teeth or even those ‘impossible’ dentures.

We use state of the art Nobel Biocare Osseocare equipment to help provide the optimum torque control and bone care when threading in the implant fixtures and tightening the screws which attach the abutments and crowns to the implants. Implants are indeed the most predictably successful treatment available in dentistry today.

For more info visit Nobel Biocare.

Gum health therapies

The dental hygienist is a specially trained member of our dental team who provides some of the most effective internationally recognised gum therapies and dental education to alleviate and prevent one of the most frequent causes of tooth loss today. This is provided “in-house” under the guidance of your dentist.

Teeth whitening

It’s true that you can quickly and easily reverse many of the discolourations in your teeth. Our specialised whitening systems have been scientifically developed to produce the most durable and profound whitening results possible. Our team of fully qualified hygienists provide a combination of whitening techniques such as “quick-start” and “at-home” enhancement, together with our one hour “in spa” premium clinical system. The experience of our hygienists and their command of the science and technology of the entire tooth whitening process allows a course of treatment to be made specifically tailored to suit you. Ensuring optimal results with the minimum of fuss.

Preventative education

The advanced dental team will provide good information and coaching on all aspects of home-care, from dental flossing to fluoride treatments for young and old. Not only are well designed toothbrushes important, but also toothpaste which can help reduce plaque and tartar formation and even safely whiten teeth.

Many cases have shown that these techniques and a capable team approach contribute not only to ‘teeth for life‘ but also to improved confidence and self-esteem.

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