A Personalised Procedure – Painless Dentistry

Today painless dentistry has become a more realistic scenario. We provide modern techniques to make you look natural rather than having your mouth filled with plastic dentures or teeth filled with black amalgam.

The state of the art trends include modern porcelain and implant techniques.

Typically The Smile Company’s dental care will follow a sequence starting with an assessment of problems by the team. This is not just a one-way process where a dentist or hygienist peers into your mouth and probes among your teeth with a fist full of dental tools.

Instead, an intra-oral video camera will project your teeth onto a colour screen. “You can see and really understand how your dentist is trying to help. You become an involved partner in your own dental care.”

Detailed diagnosis, assessment, and budgeting for gum and tooth care will follow. Treatment follows and most often begins with gum maintenance, then the reconstruction of the necessary fillings and teeth to provide good looking, effective and easily cleaned restorations.

Missing teeth can be replaced with partial dentures, bridges, or implants. Dental implants, where missing teeth are replaced by attractive reconstructions mounted on titanium fixtures bonded to the bone, are long lasting and effective. They can replace a single tooth, or even those “impossible” dentures. Implants are indeed the most predictably successful treatment available in dentistry today.

Dental care is made more efficient with computerised dental software and screen images that can simulate your smile, as well as helping a dental care programme. X-ray radiation may be reduced by as much as 100 times in concentration, with digital enhancement and modern fast x-ray film.

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