Dry mouth major factor in tooth decay.

Dry mouth can be the result of a large number of medications, some illnesses and radiation treatment of the head and neck areas for cancer treatment. Even a hard night out, snoring and mouth breathing, and smoking all cause an imbalance in the production of saliva that is necessary to lubricate the mouth and teeth.

Dry mouth issues are rather like running your car engine with out any oil!

Saliva is produced naturally by glands in our mouth and it is an important natural defence against cavities, gum disease and oral infections.

Saliva is very important in aiding speech, lubrication and cleaning the mouth, and for taste and starting the digestive process.

Combat dry mouth:

Ask our Hygienists about products that are now available to reduce the discomfort of dry mouth and minimising tooth decay.  There is a good variety of products to suit your needs; Dry mouth toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental chewing gums and oral moisturising gels.

Other useful things to help combat dry mouth include; not smoking, avoid acid fruit drinks, avoid diuretics such as excess coffee and alcohol, avoid mouthwashes with alcohol and peroxide.  Drink plenty of water, chew sugar free gum, and use plenty of acid free fluids to help wash down your meals.