Exciting Snow-fall News – Free EmergencyTreatments

At the Smile Company, from yesterday 25th July, we are offering a free consultation for your dental emergency.

Wait there’s more!

As a charitable gesture to the people of Christchurch, from next week,  August 5th, we are offering 10 free emergency dental treatments for new clients, one tooth or gum treatment only per client, each Friday morning until further notice.

Respond to this blog and tell us what  your emergency is, or if its really urgent call us on 366 1948  and we’ll book you in.

The Smile Company recognises that the population of Christchurch city has changed since the recent earthquake events.  The company recognises there are a lot of new people to the area and many people are displaced.  As a charitable gesture, in recognition of the excellent hard work all these people have been doing and the duress local people have suffered, the Smile Company is offering 10 free dental emergency treatments per week until further notice.  Naturally conditions will apply and this is only available for genuine emergencies for new clients, only one treatment per person, will be available.  This is indeed for the diagnosis and the provision of treatment, and not just a free consultation.

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