Fluoride In Your Water- Is it Necessary?

Fluoride In Your Water – Is it Necessary?

We discuss how fluoride works to improve  your oral health.

Fluoride has been in the news lately with politicians and District Health Boards debating whether tap water should be fluoridated. Water fluoridation is a proven cost effective population wide method in reducing dental decay.Fluoride in Your Water  | The Smile Company

Fluoride works in three ways to improve oral health:
1- Fluoride ions get absorbed onto the tooth surface where decay (demineralisation) has begun, replacing lost minerals (remineralisation) and preventing cavities forming
2- Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to decay by strengthening the outer surface of the tooth by forming a mineral called Flurapatite
3- Fluoride interferes with the metabolism of bacteria which cause decay

Christchurch’s water is not fluoridated therefore toothpaste is our most important source of fluoride.

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For more information you visit the New Zealand Government’s Health’s website.