Foods that can brighten your pearly whites

We all know that flossing and brushing regularly go a long way to combat the nasties like cavities and bad breath. But did you know that some of the everyday foods we consume can also go a long way to maintaining a healthy smile?  Give these remedies a try, not only are they good for your teeth, but they also keep the body healthy.

bright smile

bright smile

1. Cranberries: Studies conducted in the US show that cranberries prevent plaque buildup and form a barrier over your teeth to block out stains from foods such as colas, red wine, spaghetti sauce and coffee. So before your next big night out at an Italian restaurant, down a glass of cranberry juice. yummmm.

2. Carrots: Just as Bugs Bunny did, snack on carrots throughout the day to stimulate your gums and sweep away germs and bacteria from areas where they normally get trapped. Eaten raw, carrots produce saliva which in turn helps to flush out the mouth of bacteria and germs.

3. Citrus fruit: Fruits like oranges, limes and lemons produce a healthy dose of collagen which combats periodental disease and receding gums. A little squeeze of citrus in a glass of water helps kill germs produced by sugars and other stray debris left on your teeth.

4. Yoghurt: A small dose of yoghurt a day helps reduce acidity levels in your mouth. This is good, because high levels of acid in your mouth cause can cause tooth decay in the long term. Stick to low fat unsweetened yoghurt as it is best for your teeth and your waistline 🙂