Something to smile about

As published in Metropol Sept.2011

The original Smile Company is open and conducting business as usual. Established in 1978, the clinic offers excellence in dental care by an experienced and effective dental team. Good news for clients is all staff have been retained, meaning that the same familiar faces will be on site to help you with your treatments.

The team
“Our staff are resilient and loyal and have stuck by the business,” says dentist David Blair. “They acknowledge that getting back to normality is the fastest way to reduce the stress. While there has been considerable stress and personal damage, the team has been relentless in maintaining our mantra for excellent dental care and exceptional service.”
The team recognises that many people have been displaced from their businesses or homes and that it is easy to forget the routine for regular dentistry. This includes the regular dental hygiene and dental review to identify and sort the little things and prevent them from becoming major problems.

The location
The clinic is located in a tree-lined “sylvan haven” on the right side of the Avon River and was relatively unscathed by the earthquakes.
“Since the events from September last, our building in Cambridge Terrace has withstood every-thing thrown at it. We realised our building was designed for three storeys but only two were ever built, so it has very strong foundations and well-engineered walls,” David says. “While the city is right next door and non-functional, our street is safe with excellent parking, and has really easy access from Durham and Montreal Streets.” “We are excited that The Cashel Mall will reopen in late October!”

The service
The company’s way to show support for the community is to provide free consultations for emergencies. Front office manager Vicki can be contacted on 366 1948 for any information or to make a booking, while the website offers good advice for many areas of dental care.
Along with the latest technologies and treatments available, and the ultimate smile enhancements, another advanced treatment option provided for implant dentistry is the ability to have surgical implant placement and the crown and bridge-work seamlessly provided under one roof. There is no need for outside referrals, and The Smile Company has ACC accreditation with full funding for implant surgery.
Emphasis is placed on being well acquainted with clients’ needs. Treatments are planned to suit individual budgets and to maintain those healthy and fabulous smiles.
“Our rooms and staff help provide a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere,” David says. “Our clients tell us they love our staff, our environment and our service.”